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KIP SOLUTIONS is a leading Voice over IP (VoIP) services provider, which has been active in the market since 2019. KIP SOLUTIONS provides high quality termination to African, Middle Eastern, European, CIS and Asian countries, and has its own direct terminations in key African, Middle Eastern and CIS countries. KIP SOLUTIONS also has around 20+ interconnections worldwide.

KIP SOLUTIONS provides its core services through two brands that acting as the arms an legs for its core product line, the first is Outbound.tel™, this service represents the outgoing calls leg and Inbound.tel™, that represents the inbound calls leg, both services are serving a large segment in the telecommunications market, including carriers, wholesale, residential, and business users. KIP SOLUTIONS, provides a reliable and fully-operational, carrier-grade origination & termination services on one of the industry's most extensive voice networks.

Premier Core Services

If you would like to join our growing team please contact – contact@kipsolutionsptyltd.com

Wholesale VoIP

We are offering reliable and quality Routes to International/local VOIP wholesale carriers and retail operators to terminate large volumes of traffic worldwide at very competitive rates using our own termination as well as over 200 worldwide carrier interconnects. As a carrier's carrier, YoipCarriers is providing high volume of traffic to all over the world with main focus in South Asia, Middle-East, Africa, Europe and Caribbean Country.
This is one of the most common Wholsale service VOIP providers deal. KIP again has special attention on this product to provide best possible quality to clients. This product is exclusively based on Rate. Our team tries best possible effort to deliver suitable quality.

Retail VoIP

Provides a full A-Z termination service to all over the world using its own direct Termination, interconnections and Tier One providers for destinations not directly available from our network.These Retail service are purely based on high quality taking consideration CLI delivery and in country direct irrespective CLI or NCLI. This product highly makes sure retailers are fully satisfied by the quality.

Call Center Software

You can capture the benefits of unified communication with enterprise grade voice quality. It provides a tool to your staff that boosts their productivity by offering them a wide array of features they have always seek for. C2C is a single solution that fits in all stages of customer cycle. It streamlines your marketing, sales and customer care campaigns with a holistic system.
It provides first call resolution to your customers with this intuitive call center software increase customer satisfaction and ultimately ROI for your business and / or call center.
Necessity of unified communication is known to everyone. We take pride in introducing a truly omnichannel call center solution. Use the power of 360-degree communication to grab all business opportunities. C2C supports voice calling, help desk ticketing solution and all other major communication channels to let you enjoy competitive advantages.

Chatbot Software

Chatbots are virtual assistants that can work 24/7 and can be integrated with Communication Channels like Voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Nowadays Chatbots are very essential for every website to handle routine customer queries without human intervention.
Chatbots can be trained as per our need and can be made capable to answer all customer questions like product service information, costing and pricing plans etc. Chatbots can help All businesses to provide quick customer support and satisfaction.
Few examples of chatbots are,
(A) Conversational/Informative Chatbots (Providing information for the asked questions by customers)
(B) Auto Order taking Chatbots (Like Coffee order taking ChatBot). Implementing and Utilising ChatBots capabilities Sky is the limit.

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